. Olivo Chiliquinga Grand Master Classical Guitar
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Luthier in Construccion of Guitars

The Organizing Committee of the 8vo Competition and International Festival of Guitar of the Havana 1996. A Olivo Chiliquinga - Ecuador for their participation in Luthier of Contruccion of Guitars. City of the Habanna May 17 1996.

Medal to the cultural grouper

The National Congress Quito - Ecuador
The Plenary Of The Legislative Commissions . He agrees to surrender a Homage to the Mr. Olivo Chiliquinga for their brilliant contribution to the Art and the National Culture. November 28 1995.


Why Frank Sinatra had Olivo Chiliquinga in his rolodex.


At first glance the room, overflowing with a collection of wood of all shapes and sozes and hung with a hogdgepodge of carpentry tools, appears an unlikely site for Ecuador's most renowned guitar workshop.




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